my top ten christmas mass resolutions

Woman Writing at Desk- Henry Clive

1.       I WILL NOT criticize any aspect of the Christmas liturgy.

2.       I WILL show my gratitude and appreciation to those who decorated the church, patiently worked with our young children, and practiced long hours to bring music to our celebration

3.       I WILL NOT complain if the pews are packed, or if I can`t find a seat for the whole clan.

4.       I WILL be thankful that so many good folks are joining us for this special night.

5.       I WILL NOT review task lists in my mind, and mentally prepare the Christmas meals during the homily.

6.       I WILL be intentionally present to the moment, letting mind and heart actively participate in all that is unfolding before us.

7.       I WILL NOT giggle at `Jingle Jesus` – sleigh bells wrapped around the processional cross and energetically bounced up and down by a very solemn sacristan.

8.       I WILL be thankful for the diverse personalities, characters, eccentricities and quirkiness that keep parish life interesting.

9.       I WILL NOT allow the comfort of the familiar to keep me locked in a moment of time.

10.   I WILL seek the always new and the always timely message of the Incarnation – God became one of us, and IS with us in the here and now. Let us rejoice!