new years resolution

I suck at resolutions. My will power has the strength of a wet noodle. I gave up on Lenten sacrifices many years ago due to an unfortunate Mars bar incident. (Said Mars bar was eaten by lunch time on Ash Wednesday after the classic `no chocolate for Lent`promise.) I fare a tad better at doing rather than not doing. I began a daily yoga routine a year ago and quickly fell in love with it. I reached the stage when it felt so good that I missed it on days when I couldn`t find the time. Then I began to miss it more and more. My yoga mat has collected dust for 6 months. Sigh….

This blog is still brand new. The actual act of writing was my main motivation for this blog. Writing on things catholic was the natural theme for me. Dialogue rather than aggressive debate is my preferred method of conversation.

WordPress has come up with a great project to unite and motivate bloggers to post regularly – either once a day or once a week. I`ve decided to take the plunge and attempt to post daily with the postaday2011 challenge. Some posts will be short and sweet. Some will be longer.I hope to keep my motivation motivated!

To anyone who takes the time to read what I write….thank you! And regardless of whether you have any resolutions yourself, I wish you a 2011 full of blessings, peace and joy. 🙂


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