365 days of things catholic

After making the resolution to take the wordpress postaday2011 challenge, I woke up this morning with a panic attack. Visions of Mars bars danced in my head along with a parade of projects begun but never completed. So many good intentions! So few results!

Feeling the need for a structure, I began to make a list of 365 ‘things catholic’. At first, I tried to be positive and write a list of ‘my favourite things catholic’, but that wouldn’t be much fun.  It would feed my need to make an optimistic check list, but it wouldn’t give me the spring-board for an occasional rant or two. And, I DO need to rant. So, I’ve decided to combine the two approaches – pros and cons. After all, the blog is about catholic dialogue. ‘Things catholic’ will include various aspects of Catholicism – traditions, culture, doctrine, church structure, spirituality, etc. While I was making a partial list, I realized that there are many things catholic that give me warm memories and nourish my soul. And, many things have a challenging, shadow side and make me question why I remain a catholic to this day.

The purpose of this project is not to provide an in depth catechetical or historical back-ground to the daily topic. I hope to share my own experiences, memories, ponderings and questions. And, of course, I hope that you will join me in the musing. 🙂