day 6 – cheers to catholic drinking!

As a group, Catholics are not teetotalers. And, we’re proud of it! Being a sacramental bunch, we embrace the gifts given to us from God’s good creation. And that includes the fruit of the vine….or the hops, the malt, the grain, the potato, or whatever your choice of poison may be. Of course we don’t promote the abuse of alcohol. As with all good gifts, they must be used wisely. But we believe in the power of gathering and celebrating with good food, good drink, and good conversation. Think of any culture that is predominantly Catholic and you will find gusto for eating, drinking, singing, and partying.

According to John`s gospel, the first miracle of Jesus was changing water into wine. The Rule of St. Benedict includes guidelines for daily imbibing for the monks. John Paul II enjoyed a glass of wine with his meal. (Who doesn’t in Italy?) Benedict XVI is known to have a love for good German beer.

Theology on Tap evenings are a recent initiative to reach out to young adults. The premise is simple and brilliant. Gather at a local watering hole, with an invited guest speaker, for a casual but thoughtful discussion on faith and life issues. This is evangelization at its best. Take the message to the people without soap-box preaching. Engage in rich conversations, encourage the asking of questions and (yes!) dialogue. Isn’t this what Jesus did?