day 19 – ten dialogue tips

1.       LISTEN. Remember the old adage about God giving you two ears but only one mouth!

2.       Don’t formulate your response while the other is still talking. If you find yourself doing this (and we all do) you’re not really listening, are you?

3.       Do allow the other to complete their thought.  But, if you’re stuck on the freeway of long-windedness with no exits, politely interject and ask if you can respond to what has been said so far.

4.       Repeat the main points that you heard, asking for clarification if necessary. This shows that you were, indeed, listening.

5.       Even if you totally disagree with what’s being said, try to find some common ground to refer to in your conversation. Even the smallest of affirmations can go a long way.

6.       Remember that loud or angry does not mean right. Maintain a respectful tone.

7.       Be conscious of your body language. You might not be saying anything, but your face could be shouting.

8.       The truly wise accept that only God is all-knowing. Nurture a genuine spirit of openness to the experience and wisdom of others.

9.       Be respectful but don`t be a doormat. A dialogue is not a soliloquy. You have a right to be heard. Exercise your right.

10.   Leave your competitive spirit at home. The only winner or loser in a dialogue is the dialogue itself.

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  1. Wow that solves the mystery of why there is never any kind of a dialogue with those in Rome, Tee hee!!!!!

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