simple silence

We have a tendency to complicate things. Sometimes the simplest is the most profound. And so it is with prayer. Psalm 46 sums it up beautifully, `Be still, and know that I am God`. So simple! And so difficult in today`s noisy craziness.

Mystics and saints have sought to find God in the inner stillness of their being. Exterior silence is not necessary. The true mystic can hear the voice of God on the busiest of street corners. But for most of us, outer silence is needed to begin that inward journey. In order to truly listen, we need to tune out all the other competing noises.

For those of us who love our technologies, the simplest action is to unplug. Close the computer. Put away the head-phones. Turn off the TV and radio. Put the cell phone on mute. Then go for a quiet, meditative walk and tune in to the small wonders around you. Or light a candle and enjoy the peace that a single flame can bring into a room.

Silence…so simple, and so sacred.

2 thoughts on “simple silence

  1. “Silence” the language God speaks! From where I stand, silence is not merely the absence of noise, because you can be in an environment that is noiseless but the noise is inside, the chattering is inside. When you withdraw from noise on the outside then you really notice the chatter going on in the inside.
    There are levels of silence; first you need to have the silence of noise that is necessary to create an environment to notice the noise inside. It is the noise inside that is my major struggle with silence. I find that there is the gradual withdrawal and letting go that chatter for an inner silence which then creates and openness to the interior world and to the experience of Holy Mystery.
    I have found much wisdom in our Catholic tradition for reclaiming silence: lectio divina, centering prayer, Ignation prayer and many more.

  2. “Silence” the language God speaks!….what a great line, Ray. I, too, struggle with that inner chatter. Silence, itself, may be simple. Mastering inner silence takes real discipline. Your response has given me many ideas for future posts. Thank you, as always! 🙂

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