faith`s romance

The cycle of Romance, Disillusionment¸ and True Joy of a love relationship can also be applied to our faith lives. In order to make the comparison work, you have to begin with a bit of romance.

It`s possible to live your life as a committed person of faith and never have a deeply moving, emotional experience of God. Strength in faith and holiness cannot – and should not – be measured in warm fuzzies or earth-moving spiritual experiences. But we all have special moments in our faith journey that have nourished and changed us.

The size of the moment isn`t as important as the effect it leaves behind. It might be a true conversion experience, a born again moment when all of a sudden God becomes alive and present to you. It might come from a retreat experience – an intentional time of prayer, reflection, and tending to the spiritual self. It might be a miracle moment, when the unexpected and unexplained is acknowledged as God’s loving hand at work. Whatever the reason, all of a sudden you begin to see God in glorious Technicolor. Tired words to oft-recited prayers glow with new meaning. Scriptures come alive, as God’s word becomes personal. Your senses are heightened to the beauty around you. You’re in love!

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