top ten joys of being catholic

My two recent posts have reflected on faith`s disillusionments. Frankly, they left me feeling gloomy. While I love (and need) a good rant every now and then, I need regular boosts of optimism even more. So in case you are wondering (like me) why I remain a Catholic, here is my Top-Ten List of Catholic joys (in no specific order) :

1.      We know how to party. Drinking and dancing aren`t on our `don`t do` list.

2.      We believe in the goodness of all creation – both physical and spiritual.

3.      We have the sacraments, God`s real grace and presence made available to us through simple earthly signs.

4.      We believe in the dignity and integrity of all human life, for we are all made in the image and likeness of God.

5.      We have great music.

6.      We have great art.

7.      We know how to celebrate feast days and the special moments of life.

8.      We have a long and rich history of social justice work with a preferential option for the poor.

9.      We believe in the communion of saints – holy women and men who have gone before us and live in eternal glory, and those that surround us in the present.

10.  We have a diversity of spiritualities and prayer traditions that reflect our diversity of souls.

That felt good. And I wasn`t finished! What would you add to the list?

One thought on “top ten joys of being catholic

  1. Another joy: being mentored and inspired by some wonderful, faith-filled nuns, priests, and brothers.

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