post-a-day re-thinking

I began the post-a-day project in order to better discipline myself with the task of writing. After two solid months, I can say that this desire is being accomplished. I truly enjoy the time I spend at the computer putting thoughts into words. I`d spend all day doing it if I could. And I`m especially enjoying the dialogues that are taking place. Thank you to all!

Unfortunately, too many other tasks are falling by the way-side. So, I`ve decided to dial-back the blog effort a wee bit. I`ll only be posting on week-days. Saturday and Sunday will be sabbath time….for myself, and for all who are kind enough to read this blog.

Ah, did I hear a loud sigh of relief across cyber-space?! 🙂


4 thoughts on “post-a-day re-thinking

  1. I truly enjoy and get lots of “food for thought” from your Blog, Isabella.
    Yes, everybody needs some sabbath time. Continued blessings on all you do.

  2. Isabella – this is so encouraging….I am going through the same thing. I began blogging because I love to write and wanted to discipline myself, today when I woke up I realized I needed soul-time and found that I couldn’t write. It was a good time for self analysis and recognition of the need to refresh and regroup, not feeling like I am being untrue to my original goal. So – I’ll for the most part be doing the same thing on the weekends. So thanks for articulating and we will continue to enjoy each other’s work on the weekdays!

    1. Thanks for the affirmation, Chris!

      Marilyn, it’s good to hear your thoughts. Thank you! It’s always good to connect with kindred spirits. Here’s to healthy discipline, and not burdensome obligations. 😉

  3. Good for you Isabella for listening to your own inner voice telling you to step back. We all love your blog but I have to admit that weekends are tough sometimes to even to get to read them.So Save your energy to fill us during the week. We Love it!

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