fasting to slow down

When my husband was growing up, he gave up TV one year for Lent. He remembers walking through the living room shading his eyes to avoid looking at the screen. It was no easy feat in a full house of eight children.

Today, fasting from all electronics would be one of the greatest challenges for me. What would my day look like if I didn`t use my computer or Blackberry? What about my iPod and e-reader? I can easily rationalize that I need these tools for my work – and I do. But maybe, just maybe, I can cut back on how much I use them? Can I be more intentional in how I use these tools? Can I fast from the wasteful time that is spent on the computer? What about giving up that favourite TV show…or two…or three. What if I spent just one day a week technology free – a cyber-Sabbath of sorts?

I complain that I don`t have enough time in the day to truly slow down and be still. I need to find time to get into a regular yoga routine to unwind the knots in my back and strengthen my body. I need time to pray, to unwind the knots in my mind and strengthen my soul. I know that the time is there. All I need to do is fast from the high-speed connections that keep me from slowing down.