hanging with kindred spirits

I`m off to San Antonio, Texas to talk Church with a great group of women. Many are long-time friends, and I look forward to joyous reunions and the promise of new friendships. An added bonus, for me, is leaving our lingering prairie winter for a few days of 30 C sunshine and some great Tex-Mex food!

This blog is all about the importance of dialogue, especially outside of your comfort zone. Dialogue is important in all aspects of life from politics to religion. These are no longer topics to avoid in polite conversation. They are topics that must be discussed, in a respectful and civil manner, for they affect all aspects of our lives. And, it`s not always easy.

This is why we all need time to spend with kindred spirits and soul friends. Time to share our journeys, and support each other in the struggles. Time to dream dreams together, knowing we have a common vision. Time when an abundance of explanatory words aren`t needed, for there is mutual understanding. Time for wine to flow and stories to be shared.

I`m not sure how much time I`ll have for this blog while I`m gone. But I`m sure that I`ll have lots to write about when I do.

To all who take the time to visit…thanks!

Peace and blessings to all….