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The River Walk is a must see for any visitor to San Antonio, Texas. On a recent visit, I spent a few leisurely hours exploring it with friends. We began by walking, and then opted for the touristy boat tour. A highlight of the River Walk is a lovely bronze statue of St. Anthony by the sculptor, Leopoldo de Almeida. It was presented to the city by the government of Portugal in 1968. Catholic or not, everyone wants to see San Antonio!

Stop and think of how many cities and towns in your part of the world are named after saints. Canada is full of them, both English and French. The place-names are a testament to the faith of the early settlers. Churches and cathedrals are built in their honour. Candles are lit and flowers are placed at statues. Feast days and processions are celebrated in gratitude for prayers answered, and with hopes for future protection from their heavenly patrons.

I`ve always been a lover of our Catholic saints. They`re a colourful bunch! And I love a good story and meaning behind a name. Often place-names become so common-place that we forget about the person behind the name. Here`s to St. Tony, and the wonderful city of San Antonio!


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  1. Isabella, you are amazing, so in touch with your everyday world and all it holds. I would have never thought to include this as part of the dialogue but you are so right. Today I hope I can see more of the wonderful detail of life. thanks for showing me the way.

  2. The idea for the post came as I was going through some photos from my recent trip to San Antonio. I was also thinking of a friends`s husband, Tony, who celebrated his birthday yesterday!

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