raising obedient daughters

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Nana. She was not the oldest. She was not the baby. She was not the only girl. She was `smack in the middle` of two sisters and two brothers. But she was determined to make her presence known.

Nana was an independent and inquisitive soul. Some said she was disobedient. Her Mama said she was tenacious. Her Papa chuckled at her strong will.

Nana did not suffer fools gladly. She was very smart and asked many questions -especially when something seemed unfair or illogical. Her teachers praised her academic successes. But they wished she wasn`t such a difficult child.

`You`ll go a long way, my Nana`, her Mama said. `But please learn to play the game`, her Papa said.

But Nana refused to play the game. Awards and scholarships were given to students with lower marks and fewer accomplishments. They knew how to play the game. They knew how to be obedient.

Nana began university studies. Her first year lab instructor bullied and verbally abused her in class. Nana went to the Dean. `We`ve had many complaints`, the Dean said, `but there`s nothing I can do`.  Nana knew what to do. She went to the Human Rights Board with her complaint. The instructor did not return the following year.

Nana had a summer job as a life-guard. Her boss lost her time-sheet and refused her over-time pay. Nana knew what to do. She went to the Labour Board and received full compensation. The boss did not return the following summer.

Nana and her two sisters are all going far in their studies and their careers. They play the game when necessary, but still do not suffer fools gladly. They will not be anyone`s door-mat. They are strong-willed and independent women.

And their Mama and Papa are proud.