easter version of cohen`s hallelujah

YouTube – Kelley Mooney’s spiritual lyrical adaptation of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”.

Inspiration, for me, is found in both the deep memories of traditional music and in contemporary interpretations. I love Handel`s Messiah and Vivaldi`s Requiem. And my husband and I have a holy week tradition. We sit down and watch Andrew Lloyd Webber`s Jesus Christ Superstar. Music offers an emotional experience of well known stories. It has the power to send the proverbial shivers down your spine and tears to your eyes.

Yesterday, I received an email forward from a friend with a link to a YouTube video by Kelley Mooney. Mooney is a young woman from Prince Edward Island in Canada. She received permission from Leonard Cohen to write new lyrics to his well-known Hallelujah. She does a brilliant job of melding the passion story with one of the most moving melodies of our times. And her voice, backed by an amazing girl`s choir, absolutely soars!

St. Augustine famously said, `one who sings prays twice`. This song is a powerful prayer for holy week.

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  1. Is there a place where we can purchase the music for the religious version of Alleluia?

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