the women of the round table

We all need kindred spirits as we journey through this world. This is especially true in our faith journey. We need a community of like-minded souls to pray with, to share our lives with, and to have the occasional (or frequent) rant with!

I belong to an online prayer community called Our Lady of the Round Table. We ‘meet’ each week-day to share our prayers and reflections on the daily scripture readings from the Lectionary. We use the lectio divina form of prayer. (Stay tuned for more on lectio divina in tomorrow’s post.)

The true gift of this community is our geographical and cultural diversity. We hail from Canada, the USA, France, Ireland, Australia and Kenya. We share the joys and struggles of family life, work, studies, and church. We have the freedom to let loose with our frustrations, knowing that listening ears and open hearts will be at the receiving end. We share our joys and successes without fear of bragging, for happiness is meant to be shared.

I began this blog with much trepidation. My OLRT friends were the first to know of my initial efforts. They supported me from the start, and continue to do so. They give me the courage to find a voice. They flesh out my feeble attempts with their wisdom on the discussion boards. Their prayers lift me, and their amazing works inspire me. They are faith-filled and compassionate women. Each, in their own way, are making the world and church a better place to be.

To Mary, Lorna, Julie, Susan, Marceta, Joanne and Chris….this rainbow’s for you! 😉

(The Our Lady of the Round Table community has a daily prayer blog at Prayers from the Round Table.)

8 thoughts on “the women of the round table

  1. Good morning, Isabella:
    I just caught the end of the rainbow over the lake in our backyard…thank you! You certainly captured the essence of this community…each of us would describe it exactly as you did.
    Isabella, Joanne, Lorna, Mary, Susan, Marceta and Julie…you are part of my lifeline…love…Chris

  2. So jealous! I want to be part of the women of the round table. This sounds amazing. Thanks for posting on the need for support and community.

  3. What a brilliant, Spirit-filled initiative, these women Founders of the round table have conceived! This is a exciting way of being church with potential to rebuild the Church. These women braking water, bringing forth new life, echoing the voice of Mary, “Let it be, let it be”.

  4. What a nice tribute to our OLRT community! I believe our two blogs (this one and OLRT’s) are deeply intertwined. And it is you who have pushed us to share more openly with a broader audience. Thanks for your leadership and your courage!

  5. Isabella what a wonderful symbol for the OLRT family, the beautiful rainbow of many colours, reaching out over the waters, to the many places on this earth. For that is exactly what it does each day, touching each of us with spirit filled prayer, as we learn and grow from each other’s lectio. I sit in awe of the many talents of these wonderful women. How blessed I feel, to be part of this round table.

    1. Julie, rainbows remind me of that lovely moment when we were together in Ireland…and the rainbow appeared over the sea. I never thought of the deeper symbolism. This is beautiful! I`m off to post your description on the OLRT blog!

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