victoria day weekend – or end of the world?!

I had a lovely jump in my blog stats this week. Wonderful! A closer look at the stats showed that the increased readership was  for the post I wrote on the upcoming Judgment Day on May 21. Apparently, a lot of folks were searching May 21, Judgment Day, and Catholic!

I`m sure I disappointed them. I had no theological treatise based on Catholic teachings to offer. (I didn`t think it wasn`t worth pulling the Catechism off the shelf.) Other sites have claimed to de-bunk Mr. Camping`s dire prophecies. How you de-bunk bunk? My biggest concern was – and still is – that the Rapture will put a damper on our holiday week-end celebrations.

Well, here it is. May 20th. My husband and are off to Ottawa today to visit dear friends, see the sites, and take some great tulip photos.

The blog will resume on May 24th or 25th. That is, if we`re still around! 😉

To all Canadians….Happy Victoria Day!

To all….Happy May 22nd!

One thought on “victoria day weekend – or end of the world?!

  1. Traveling along the foothills of Colorado, I saw this billboard…I was surprised and thought, this group must have lots of $…these do not come cheap. Their stupidity certainly takes one’s mind off the more critical issues in our world.
    Well, we’re here in Denver to celebrate our grandson’s high school graduation tomorrow…we’ll be doing lots of cooking today in preparation for the big party, knowing all of our guests WILL enjoy our offerings.

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