rapture in ottawa

May 21st was a picture perfect day for touring Ottawa with dear friends. The tulips were bursting around the city. The sun was shining. The parliament grounds were filled with the young and the old soaking in the spring sun at the heart of our nation`s capital.

Doomsday was far from our minds. By the time we had realized that 6:00 pm had come and gone, we were back home on the patio raising the first of several glasses while fat, juicy steaks sizzled on the barbecue. It was rapturous!

One thought on “rapture in ottawa

  1. For all the joking we enjoyed over the hype for the big non-event, I feel badly for those who in their own miss guided beliefs, quit jobs, sold earthly possessions and in theory at least ended their lives . Scripture also says not long after Jesus said that we will not know the day or the hour, that we must beware of false prophets. How sad when these false prophets lead generally good people away.

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