Sex and money? It’s about power | National Catholic Reporter

Sex and money? It’s about power | National Catholic Reporter.

I often get inspiration for a blog post from photos or articles I`ve read. Today, the two blended together. The photo is from a fabulous group of statues at Parliament Hill in Ottawa. People were flocking to the statues, standing in line to have their pictures taken beside the women. They are a tribute to the Famous Five, Canadian women who fought to overturn the Supreme Court of Canada`s ruling that women were not persons. The artist beautifully captured  the ordinariness of the woman next door, with a passion and strength of character that you didn`t mess with. We`ve come a long way, baby! Or, have we?

According to Phyllis Zagano, we have a long way to go. Her article, Sex and Money? It`s about power doesn`t pull any punches. From IMF head Dominque Strauss-Kahn and his attempts to avoid rape charges by buying off his victim, to the still unanswered question of why so many Bishops enabled abusing priests to continue in ministry. She blames unbridled power – power that has little or no regard for the rights of women and children.

In society and governments, most positions of power are held by men. In the church, all positions of power are held by men. Of course, leaders come in all shapes and sizes – some saints, some sinners. Most are a combination of the two. Sadly, the head-lines are too full of the sinner class. (The Arnold Schwarzenegger scandal being the most recent.) What are women to do?

The suffragettes and women activists of old can be a model of inspiration and hope to us. Remaining quiet is not an option. Emperors have been parading around without their clothes for too long, and it`s not a pretty sight. It`s time to shout it out, for the good of all.