clerical haute couture

Here`s another one for the wacko extremely unique files! The link to The Cost of Looking Good in the Magic Kingdom  was devilishly sent by a friend who well knew the reaction it would elicit – a mixture of giggles at the absurdity, and a communal head-shaking and nausea at the vanity, hypocrisy and extravagance of these true dunderheads in our episcopal ranks.

The article, found on A.W.Richard Sipe`s blog Celibacy, Sex & Catholic Church, looks at the cost to outfit Raymond Burke in the splendor to which he has become accustomed. Be sure to scroll all the way to the end to get all the smashing photos and the final tally. (Burke is former Archbishop of St. Louis, MO and has now been elevated to Cardinal…sigh…)

It`s a shame we don`t have fashion police, à la Joan Rivers, on the Vatican red-carpets. Eminence, you look stunning today! Who are you wearing? Oh my, look at that poor bloke. He`s probably from the backwoods of Canada. Quick, someone send him to Gammarelli`s for a clerical make-over. It`s time to `Say Yes to the Dress!`

2 thoughts on “clerical haute couture

  1. Looking at these photos I have come to the conclusion that Ray Burke and those like him are in “Spiritual Disneyland”. They need to be called back to what must be for them “harsh reality”, the Gospel.

  2. Spiritual Disneyland? I`m loving it! I`m guessing there won`t be long line-ups into their version of the Magic Kingdom. 🙂

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