the dandelions are winning!

We are in the middle of heavy spring rains. It`s the last thing we need on our water logged and flooded prairies. On the plus side, the subsequent greening is glorious. On the negative side, the grass and weeds around our house are an embarrassment. We`re surrounded by obsessive neighbours who mow their grass several times a week. When ours finally gets done, our good neighbours are back at it – always cutting theirs a wee bit shorter to make ours look scraggly yet again!

Marilyn, at one of my favourite blogs communicating across boundaries, recently wrote a brilliant post titled Dull Women Have Immaculate Coffee Tables. It received special recognition from the folks at WordPress, and rightly so. I cheered when I first read it. My desk is always a disaster. Perhaps I can use it as proof of my un-dullness! Of course, few see my desk.

Ah, but the entire town sees my dandelions!!!

I have a son and daughter who are both graphic designers. Perhaps they could design a witty and eye-catching sign for my front lawn. Here lives a very un-dull woman!  Thanks for the inspiration, Marilyn.

And with apologies to my Mama – never a dull woman! A talented artist, she still maintains an immaculate and glorious garden. Despite all her efforts, I never inherited her green thumb or love of gardening.

(I dashed out to take the photo this morning and yes, a neighbor was working in her garden while I was snapping shots of my weeds! 🙂 )



6 thoughts on “the dandelions are winning!

  1. I can’t believe you are still in dandelion season! Ours is usually over by the end of May (thank goodness!) The color is beautiful in the early Spring, but the fuzzy balls afterwards are not so.

    Do you have lightening bugs up there in Canada? That is another early summer delight! They arrive here in June. Last night they were really “sparking.” I love to surprise the grandkids with a night out on the deck…

  2. Hi Marceta! We have lightening bugs….but the giant prairie mosquitoes usually chase us indoors on summer nights. 🙂

  3. Isabella – Thank you for this vote of confidence!! And thanks for reading my blog well, well before it was freshly pressed!

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