motorbike meditations

The above picture was taken with my Blackberry on a Sunday evening cruise through the country side. Taking snap shots with your BB while speeding down prairie highways is not a wise thing to do. I imagined my phone flying from my hand at 100 km per hour. But I was happy with the results. (Check out the reflections in hubby`s helmet, mirror and tachometer.)

Sitting on the back of the motorbike forces me to give up control – though I`ve been known to give my husband`s helmet a good thwack when the acceleration is too fast or the curves taken too dramatically. But, we make a good riding pair. I plug in my iPod, turn up the oldies, and rock away as the scenery whizzes by. Living in the country means we have glorious landscapes at our door-step. During the riding season,  senses are are tickled with the smells of spring seeds, summer greenness and fall harvests. They`re also bombarded with the earthy aromas of livestock and the occasional manure-covered field. Today we saw the remnants of spring floods on rivers and fields.

My mind relaxes and the stresses lift. Speeding up helps me to slow down.

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