the greatest is love

minnie – the walking muppet!

Our family is celebrating the engagement of our daughter to a wonderful young man. It`s a lovely reprieve from the doom and gloom of daily news. Whether among the famous or closer to home, I`m tired of hearing stories of men and women behaving badly. Commitment and faithfulness are optional and relationships are disposable. Where is love in all the mess?

Our family is blessed with many long  marriages – love that has been tested by time and all the kaka that daily realities can throw at it. Our children have the living example of four grand-parents and their own parents. (Hmmm….among the three couples, we can boast over 140 years of marriage – yikes!)

Our children have had their share of rotten relationships and disappointments. Each time, the clan rallies to offer support. And, yes, when one of us is treated badly, watch out. We share our anger, too…don`t mess with us! We call it love. 😉

We sometimes have to go out with a rotter or two before we find the perfect soul mate.  On the plus side, it helps us recognize the qualities that are important to us. And when that one person is  finally found, all seems right with the world. We know it, and those who love us most know it too. The best of joys is joy shared.

Of all the gifts given to us….the greatest of these is love. It is the stuff of dreams, joys, and hope for a better tomorrow.

(Why the photo? Miss Minnie is our `grand-puppy`, and is standing in for the happy couple! )

2 thoughts on “the greatest is love

  1. Your clan sounds like our clan. I loved reading this post, directly after reading a cover story in the NY Times that was neither encouraging nor edifying. In our casual hook-up age, your post articulates the value of relationship, sticking it out, and working through this mystery called love. Thanks so much.

  2. Thanks, Marilyn! As I learn more about your clan each day via your blog, I`m also amazed at the similarities. We may have raised our clan in different parts of the world, but family love and life is at the core. A true blessing….and never a dull moment! 🙂

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