clearing a room, cleansing the soul

We just spent the evening emptying our bedroom and office space in preparation for new paint and flooring. The renovations are far overdue, but the task of clearing and sorting through a mountain of work, papers, books, and knick-knacks was overwhelming. Sure, the old carpet was buckling, but if I casually scattered part of that mountain onto the floor…who would notice? Yes, the paint was old and the walls full of holes…but a few pictures and posters could fix that.

But then I began to dream of a clutter-free office, a welcome and peaceful space for writing and working. I contemplated once more sitting in the old armchair in the corner, now free of files and folders. I had visions of a bedroom that was no longer a repository for all the odds and sods of furniture – because no one else would see it. It would be a calm, inviting place for snuggling and sweet dreams.

So, the rooms are finally emptied. The contents are piled in the hallway. I have vowed to be ruthless with sorting, giving away, and throwing out. It`s no use putting old things into nice new rooms. Things that are no longer useful, must be put aside. It`s time to open the windows and let the spring air blow its freshness into a new space.

Hmm…I feel an analogy coming on…. 😉

3 thoughts on “clearing a room, cleansing the soul

  1. When the kids moved out last month we went through the same process; yes it was a tremendous amount of work because “mountains’ hid other mountains and the struggle to let go of that article that I may need someday…in the next millennium was tough. But in the end the sense of having shred pounds of clutter was so freeing. Now everything that is there is necessary, everything has a place and it looks good…..but I can’t find anything anymore!!!

  2. Thanks Lorette and Joanne. Ah, freedom indeed! But I do plan to hold on to a wee bit of sentiment. See the old armchair in the picture? That was the chair where I spent many an hour nursing and rocking our five babes to sleep. It`s staying – fashion sense and feng shui be damned! 🙂

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