Theologians leave San Jose lifted after pondering saints | National Catholic Reporter

I`m not a theologian, but I love theology. I`m fascinated with our human attempt to describe things divine. In my younger years, I enjoyed the black and white discourse of apologetics – learning the rote answers and arguments for dogmatic truths. With age (and I like to think with wisdom!), those black and white answers were no longer enough. The old adage is true…the more you learn the less you know. Suddenly, I began seeing a lot more grey in the big questions of life. We cannot compress the eternal grandeur of God into a neat little package. We cannot claim to know all there is to know about the ineffable. In each time and place, we have new questions to ask, new issues to ponder.

And that is why we need our theologians. They have a passion and love for the study of God. No longer bound within the walls of monasteries and seminaries, the work of theology is now embraced by women and men in all corners of the world. The diversity of voices and experiences enriches the dialogue and deepens the discourse.

Thomas C. Fox of the National Catholic Reporter has written a wonderful, optimistic editorial about the recent gathering of the Catholic Theological Society of America.

Together these men and women remain convinced that studying books and pondering ideas about God, church, and world affairs, and the way these heady matters relate to one another can make a difference in the depths and qualities of our lives. But these pillars rest on others called respect, civil discourse and trust. Our Catholic faith, they will proudly remind you, is a “reasoned faith.” The gifts of intellect and open conversation matters….

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2 thoughts on “Theologians leave San Jose lifted after pondering saints | National Catholic Reporter

  1. Yes, thank God for these spiritual masterminds! I like the certainty of apologetics as well. I think it’s o.k. not to have all the answers to the “grey” areas. We will never fully understand God until we meet Him face to face.

    1. I love the term “spiritual masterminds!” Thanks for reading and commenting. Here’s to a life long journey of seeking understanding…even if only a wee bit at a time.

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