a half-full, half-empty thought

NCR has an excellent editorial today called Theologians , bishops called to dialogue, trust. This response on the discussion board, submitted by George E. Bedingfield, is a real mind-blower…

Amid the intellectual and intricate religious binges of the learned and esteemed prelates who were gathered, an older man in the well-worn clothes of poverty, kneeling in the last pew, interrupted the concelebration when the petitions were finally finished and the presider said, “For what else should we pray?”

The voice was halting but surged forth with a very loud astounding resounding echo that filled the sanctuary and the entire cathedral,

May we somehow find a way to help each other pour out our half full and half empty glasses into the beautiful sharing chalice of the blood and love of Jesus until it is full and overflowing and keep it that way!


4 thoughts on “a half-full, half-empty thought

  1. I think, on occassion, I should place a half-full glass of water on my kitchen counter…an action which will remind me that life is what life is and that I have a God-given power to change my thoughts and feelings at the snap of my fingers. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? I look forward to the practice of it.

    Thank you Isabella for the refreshing picture and wise words.

    1. I’ve always liked the image of a glass half full or empty, Chris. My son and I were testing my new camera with this photo during a family dinner. I just noticed the little brown bottle in the back-ground. Oops! The glass is a nice, icy shot of Polish “little water”. 😉

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