the big reveal…

Isabella and David

I`ve struggled with the issue of anonymity since I began this blog last December. I wanted the freedom to write freely and to encourage an open dialogue. Some issues in our church are not only controversial, but can get you into some nasty hot water depending on local pastors and bishops. So, I began the blog with a careful bio that wouldn`t reveal too much. No picture. No name.

Soon, I realized that I had to at least use a name. I don`t like addressing an `anonymous`, or a person called `catholic dialogue`. So, I out-ed myself as Isabella. This felt good, and it was enough of a reveal at the time.

The blog is now six months old. It`s been a wonderful experience of pondering and writing. Responses of regular readers have given me the energy and incentive to keep this project going. The discussion board is the most valuable portion of this blog, and I thank all the kind souls who have shared their wisdom and experiences with us. You make the dialogue happen. Without you, this blog would be a one woman rant!

Recently, my identity was out-ed more fully. A couple of months ago I sent an email to our regional, Catholic newspaper, The Prairie Messenger with a link to my blog. I`ve subscribed to the PM all my adult life. I like their inclusive coverage of local, national and international church news and diverse editorials and columns. Their editorial statement emphasizes dialogue and discussion, and a need to live our catholic faith in all aspects of our life – both in the church and in the world.  This is my kind of paper! To my surprise, they offered me a monthly column called catholic dialogue! I can`t describe the thrill when the issue containing the first column arrived in the mail. A second column was published last month – in the middle of our nation-wide postal strike…sigh! (I have yet to receive this issue.)

So, here I am…I`m Isabella R. Moyer. My husband, David, and I have five wonderful children, and are expecting our first grand-child in August. Life is good!

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