summer holidays

Today is Canada Day and the start of summer holidays. l’ll try to write an occasional blog post during this time, but I know that it won`t be with the usual regularity. Holy leisure is calling!

3 thoughts on “summer holidays

  1. Blessings on your “holy leisure” , Isabella! Enjoy all that is in store for you and your family.
    Loved the pic of you and David yesterday…wholesome smiles of love!
    When you return, could you please let us know where you got the pics at the top of your blog (the windows) and why did you choose them?
    Peace of heart…Chris

    1. Thanks Chris! I took this photo in Rome. The home is on a lovely, old winding street. I loved the colors. When I was looking for a photo for the blog banner, this one reminded me of John XXIII and his call for the church to open wide the windows so the Spirit can blow freely! 😉

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  2. ‎”Oh Canada, standing tall together,
    We’ll raise our hands and hail our flag
    The maple leaf forever.”

    Having grown up in city North Philadelphia, this was one of my favorite summer songs, Happy beginning of summer to all my friends up North, and Happy Canada Day!

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