the dog days of summer

I should apologize to all the kind readers of this blog for my absence these past weeks. But, it would not be a heartfelt apology. Summer months are precious to us prairie folk in Canada. And our short vacations are  treasured and hoarded. I had my computer with me during our two weeks at the lake. I also packed along my good intentions to keep writing – even if only a couple of times in the week. Well, my computer battery kept running dry without being used. My mind had some good ideas, but the body was in leisure mode, refusing to wake up from hibernation. Oh…can I use an inconsistent internet access as an excuse? Naaahh…..I was just too lazy, and loving it!

This doesn`t mean that I wasn`t checking in on the world news each day. Granted, it was via the radio and in the middle of afternoon naps. Sometimes, all I heard were the opening headlines. But I`m slowly getting caught up. There is much going on in the Church and in the world to ponder, worry over, rant about, and get the creative writing juices flowing.

So….talk to you soon!