a midsummer day`s dream

The end of July is almost here, and I`m feeling the midsummer panic. It`s all going by too fast! I haven`t had enough summer fun yet. One more month, and we`ll be back into the routines of autumn with the cold weather looming ahead. Winter is SO long, and summer is SO short! There`s an urgency to soak up each moment and store it in my memory hard drive for the chilly days ahead.

Hmmm…this sense of panic feels familiar….

Mid-life reality perhaps?

Time to take a deep breath. Be thankful for what has been. Embrace the present. And seize the days ahead!

Now, where`s that half-full glass….. 😉

2 thoughts on “a midsummer day`s dream

  1. Isabella what you wrote reminded me of this quote from Dag Hammarskjöld:

    “For all that has been, Thanks; to all that shall be, Yes”.

    1. Hi Ray

      That phrase has a warm spot in my heart. My Benedictine friends had a lovely banner hanging in their chapel with the words. I always wondered about its origin. Now I know. Thanks! 🙂

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