anchored in hope

It`s been awhile since I went to my photos for inspiration. But, my mind is dulled and my thoughts have run dry. What should I write about?

This picture was taken during the summer months. The anchor is part of a large research vessel that is presently monitoring the lake`s health. The size of the anchor seems disproportionate to the size of the ship, yet it must serve its purpose.

I took the picture because it made me think of the classic `faith, hope and love` charms. Faith is represented by a cross. Love is a heart. And good old hope is an anchor.

I`ve been feeling the need for the stability of hope in recent weeks. I`ve shared before how depressing it can be to read the daily news of the world and the church. Sometimes energy is found in the midst of a damn good rant. Other times, it just drains the mind, soul and body. Energy dissipates into hopeless lethargy. What`s the use? How can you or I change anything? Somewhere along the way, the anchor is lifted and we allow ourselves to drift off, bobbing aimlessly and heading nowhere.

Today is the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows in the Catholic Church. We are given a choice of two gospel readings. The first is the story of the presentation of the baby Jesus in the temple. Simeon blesses the young parents, but then tells Mary that `a sword will pierce your own soul too`. The second gospel shows Mary standing at the foot of the cross. In the first she is given a premonition of the suffering to come. In the second, she is immersed in the depth and horror of that suffering. Yet, she stands. By her simple presence, she offers support and love to her son.

Where did she find her hope? What was her anchor?