cheers for parish catechists!

A National Catholic Reporter article is, yet again, my inspiration for a post; actually a series of posts. Heidi Schlumpf gives a much needed shout-out to catechists and DRE’s (Directors of Religious Education) in Unsung (and underpaid) heroes of the parish.  She praises those (mostly) women and (few) men who generously give their time to help form our children in the faith. She describes the many challenges faced; over-worked and under-paid DRE’s, under-qualified teachers, demanding priests and uncooperative parents. The article is a good opportunity to ponder catechetical experiences in your own part of the world.

The next few blogs will focus on various aspects and issues within parish catechetical programs. Of course, my own sharing is but one view and one experience. Keeping with the goal of this blog, I hope that it will open up a much needed dialogue on this important task.