The Moral Compass Project

The Moral Compass Project

Back in June, I wrote a blog post titled recalibrating our moral compass.

It’s time to recalibrate the moral compass for our society. Promoting moral values is not the same as imposing religious values. Society never has the right to impose religious belief. But it does have the right and the duty to uphold a certain standard of moral behaviour for its leaders and its citizens.

This week, I received a wonderful comment on the post from Adrian Bishop, the Principal of the Centre for Defined Ethics. The Centre is promoting THE MORAL COMPASS PROJECT. Goals of the project include  formulating a ‘defined Moral Compass as an ethical benchmark.’ It’s a fascinating venture and very needed in a world with little common ground between moral relativism and religious fundamentalism. Here is The Moral Compass. I encourage you to check out the web-site, and share your thoughts!

The Moral Compass

    • Never instigate the use of coercive force.
    • Accept responsibility for personal actions and the consequences of those actions. 
    • Practice a duty of care.
    • Affirm the individual’s right to self-determination. 
    • Put the truth first.
    • Never use a person as merely an unconsenting means to an end, even if the end benefits others. 
    • Be honest.
    • Honour agreements.
    • Treat others as you want to be treated yourself.
    • Leave a positive legacy to future generations.