laughter really IS the best medicine!

One of the best gifts you can pass on to your children is the gift of laughter. My heart bursts with pride when we are together and the joking begins. Friends have told us that they see our sense of humor in our kids. YES!!! A job well done!

We`re also proud of their many gifts and talents, their compassion and generosity. But a good dose of gladness gives us all an energy boost to face the daily challenges. One of my daughters asked me, “What should I look for in a man?” Without thinking I answered,“he has to make you laugh”! (Hubby reminds me that I’m supposed to laugh with him, not at him. 😉 )

When we gather, stories of family, work and school begin to flow. Humour is found in some of the most challenging and difficult situations. When they were growing up, the kids knew their biggest embarrassments were future fodder for the siblings’ story-bank; details carefully recalled and flourishes added. New members to the family are dragged through a long initiation process as stories are re-told and inside jokes and one-liners are explained.

We have learned to laugh at the absurdities in life. Laughter doesn’t take away anger and frustration, but it helps to keep them in check. Melissa Musick Nussbaum has a wonderful article over at NCR titled We laugh because we know who we are. She describes how laughter not only helps us overcome difficulties; it also neutralizes the power of egotistical leaders,

The dictator’s goal is to be recognized as God, even if God over only this little house, that small nation, or the most modest parish. Dictators work hard at building and maintaining the illusion of godhood. Laughter destroys the illusion. (Melissa Musick Nussbaum)

3 thoughts on “laughter really IS the best medicine!

  1. YES!! The holy gift of laughter is how Madeleine L’engle described it! Our family resemblances are uncanny! You told me about your advice to your daughter on my holy gift of laughter post and I LOVED it! Thanks for this wonderful reminder on a rainy day in Boston where the Bostonian Stink Eye (watch for a future post) reigns!

    1. Here`s to the holy gift of laughter and the joys of family life, Marilyn! The Bostonian Sink Eye??? This enquiring mind eagerly awaits your post! 🙂

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