Lack of women will irreversibly harm the church | National Catholic Reporter

“Mama,” she said suddenly, “why dont we have any girl priests at our church?”They looked at one another, dumbstruck, unprepared. Too late. There was nothing left to do now but be honest.”Because, darling,” the mother said, “our church doesnt allow girl priests.”The little girl pursed her lips and frowned. “Then why do we go there?” she demanded.

via Lack of women will irreversibly harm the church | National Catholic Reporter.

Joan Chittister doesn`t pull any punches in her writings. The powers that be have tried to silence her over the years, but she continues to speak out about injustices in the church and in the world. Her latest article in the National Catholic Reporter addresses the role of women in the church – a favored topic for this Benedictine Sister. And a topic that will not easily go away, to the dismay of more conservative souls.

The article is worth a read, but so is the ensuing discussion board. As usual, there are vocal supporters and naysayers. What is apparent is that many good women and men are struggling to remain in a male-centered church.

Another article, Anita Caspary, religious visionary, dies in Los Angeles, is a tribute to the woman who led The Immaculate Heart of Mary of California community to break canonical ties with the church in the post Vatican II days. This came as a result of increasing power struggles over the community’s reform efforts with then conservative Los Angles Cardinal James Frances McIntyre. The community “rejected a life pattern that had to conform to canons issued by male clerics of another culture.” In turn, they “recognized the role of authority as service and emphasized co-responsibility.”

To stay or go continues to be a question asked by many. It is a reality that must be faced with opportunities for open and honest dialogue. A judgmental and critical spirit towards questioners will certainly not convince them to stay.

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  1. For me the Church is like the Ark, the only way I can stand the stench inside is because of the deluge outside. As the ark fills with… I continue to evaluate the wisdom of staying on board.

    “There is nothing on this earth so ugly as the Catholic Church, and nothing so beautiful.”
    For those who refuse to see the Church in its brokenness, this sentiment is from Cardinal John Henry Newman. He wrote that in a letter and was recently canonized as a saint.

  2. I do have a great deal of hope for the Roman Catholic Church – that one day there will be Priests who are women. There is a possibility that at first they will be ordained Anglicans and married or have been married. In our Anglican Diocese we are at least having our first clergy day (women and men) with male Roman Catholic priests. In addition a few Anglican priests (men and women) are meeting monthly to discuss – what does a Society of Catholic Priests look like for Anglicans and as Anglicans. We have to start somewhere – slowly and with faith, listening carefully to each other, sharing ecumenical liturgies with each other and sharing other visions and ministires.

  3. A clergy day with Anglican priests (women and men) and RC priests sounds like a wonderful moment for ecumenical dialogue Sue! I agree wholeheartedly that sharing and listening in a spirit of mutual understanding is the place to start. I hope that these initiatives inspire many others to do the same. Thank you!

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