an adult church

I`m heading to Rome tomorrow morning. The past days have been awhirl with emails and reports, and the suitcase has yet to be packed. I hoped to write another blog post or two before I left, but the dual demon of time and energy got the best of me. Meanwhile, here`s a link to my last month`s column for the Prairie Messenger. It`s titled we need an adult church in which faith will grow.

Now, off to attack those suitcases!

4 thoughts on “an adult church

    1. Thanks Marilyn! I`m embarrassed to say, but this will be my 11th trip to Rome so I have folders full of photos. But, my trusty camera is always with me. Roma is SO photogenic, and there`s always something new to see. 🙂

  1. Thank you Isabella for your article on an adult church in the Prairie Messenger. Waiting for faith filled women and men to stand up for full, conscious and active participation. Mostly what I see are Catholics sitting in the pews and “following the rules”. Whatever their pastors decide they do! I miss your blog when you are gone and hope the end of the year will not mean the end of your inspiring and informative blogs. Thank you.

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