my stoned saturday

After a week of jet-lag induced fatigue, hubby and I looked forward to a quiet week-end at home. It was not to be. It wasn`t jet-lag that woke me up in the wee hours of Saturday morning, but excruciating pain in my lower left back. It continued to come and go in waves through-out the day. I pride myself for having a high pain threshold, but this threw me lock, stock and barrel into the blubbering wimp camp. If this is what real pain is like, I wanted nothing to do with it!

By mid-afternoon, I agreed to go to the hospital. A careful recording of symptoms, some quick tests and an x-ray showed that a kidney stone was the culprit. A few hours later the little bugger kindly departed my body. The clouds parted. The sun shone brightly. And the angels sang their glorious alleluias! My pain-free life, that I took so much for granted, had returned.

Hubby can`t believe that a tiny piece of calcified kaka could cause so much grief. After all, he said, you popped out five babies with little effort! And it`s true. But my `stoned Saturday` was also a lesson learned in pain. I`ve been blessed with good health. Minor aches and pains are annoying, not debilitating. What about all the poor souls who suffer such pain on a daily basis?

My online faith community prays daily for family and friends who are suffering from illnesses. My prayers always join theirs. But, I think that I will be praying more mightily from now on for all who must make that wretched journey of physical pain.

For the sick, the dying, the abused, the tortured, the starving, the victims of violence…..Loving God, hear our prayer!

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  1. Oh No! Thank goodness the pain was “merely” in passing and not some ongoing medical glitz. There is a message here dear friend, one involved more fluids and less soaring into altitudes and places that are unkind to ones systems. Rest well my friend. Be kind to your self. We need you, your nose and the rest of you in good working order!!!

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