new year`s resolutions

After a week of `holy leisure`, it`s difficult to get back to the routine. It`s especially difficult when tasks have been left undone and emails have piled up. Where to begin? How to begin? My mind is as cluttered as my desk.

The promise of a new year brings with it resolutions and hopes of doing things better. For me, doing things better will require a greater focus. It will require serious winnowing; separating the wheat from the chaff. It will require knowing what to let go, so precious time and energy can be used more wisely.

Okay, enough of the vagueness. What does this mean in concrete terms? I know that I need to be more intentional in fighting the cyber-sirens that lure me to my computer, my iPhone, and my iPad for hours each day. I want to write more. Reading is a vital part of the writing process, if it is focused. But it`s so easy to get tangled in the web of `just one more click`! Surfing the internet can be a great source of research and inspiration. It can also numb your mind and overfill your mental hard-drive with useless information.

I also need to adopt some simple organizational strategies. And, I do mean simple ones. I`ve always avoided task lists, due to a deep fear of being overwhelmed by all that has to be done. If I can`t see it, I won`t worry as much! I admit this is not a good modus operandi. I`m still over-whelmed, and the tasks don`t get done. Perhaps if I list my tasks, I can also have the satisfaction of checking them off.

And, most of all, I need to seek the stillness; to allow the mind and heart to listen to God within. Busyness too often impinges on quiet time. Yet, a quiet soul can better face the craziness with grace and wisdom.

4 thoughts on “new year`s resolutions

  1. “Holy Leisure” I love. I will use this phrase. So – you have articulated what I struggle with and want to address in my own life. Time for stillness and reading, how can I speak and write truth if I don’t take the time to seek it? And the never ending pull of my iphone (just got it…love it…but with it comes another challenge) my computer and life in general. Thank you for the reminder and challenge.
    On another note – did you see this in the Huffington post? So good – made me sad.

    1. If you think the iPhone has a strong pull Marilyn, stay clear of the iPad! 😉 Just kidding. Like the phone, it`s an amazing piece of technology when used wisely. I just read the Huff post. Made me sad, too….am still pondering it. Thanks for the link.

  2. With so many distractions, you’re right, it is really hard to stay focused in the digital age or information and it makes me sort of… uh.. sort… of…. excuse me someone just texted me a photo of a cat in a necktie.

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