can we have a catholic dialogue?

A good friend of mine has often teased me that this blog will get me into hot water with the powers that be. While the teasing is playful, the worry is often there. I try to be careful about what I write, especially about controversial or hot-button topics. Hubby is my ever-trusty second set of eyes and ears. “Hun, can you read this? Is it too aggressive?” And, sometimes it is. It’s cathartic to let off steam by writing thoughts down, but some rants should remain private. And so the cutting, editing, toning down and re-writing begins.

Phyllis Zagano has written an interesting piece over at the National Catholic Reporter called  Lay preaching, the bishops and the new evangelization. The role of preaching has always been carefully guarded as a right reserved for the ordained. Today,

The bishops’ control conundrum intensifies with easier and less expensive social media. Now anyone can start a blog or post a YouTube video, saying whatever about one or another Catholic teaching. 

Hmmm…is writing this blog an attempt at lay preaching? It’s true that I’ve been frustrated with our lack of voice in the Church. I began this blog to share some thoughts and experiences with the hopes of starting a dialogue or two. Yes, I am passionate about some topics and issues, but I certainly don’t have the answers. I’m still seeking those in the greyness of the great in between! I hope that we can seek them together.

Zagano also writes about the issue of using the word “Catholic”,

Canon 216 tries to trademark the word “Catholic,” restricting its use to organizations approved by the bishop. Canon 772 gives norms for radio and television commentary on Catholic doctrine. Some canon lawyers say it applies to the Internet.

Ah, but I intentionally named this blog catholic dialogue with a small “c”! When I searched for a domain name, I was surprised that this was available. I hoped that it didn’t seem presumptuous to give the blog such a grand name, but I tried to be clear about its purpose and goal. I haven’t been censored yet…

I find inspiration in reading the many and diverse voices in the blogging world. I also love reading discussion boards and letters to the editor. I’m always thankful when someone takes the time to leave a comment on this blog. It’s good to hear what others are thinking, especially when views are expressed from various angles and experiences. It reminds me of that fine definition of catholic; here comes everyone!

4 thoughts on “can we have a catholic dialogue?

  1. Recalling the difference between “aggressive” and “assertive.” without resort to any authority, like a dictionary, aggressive has an element of not being concerned if the other is hurt physically or emotionally by one’s actions. The word assertive does imply such a concern…

    Cheers and thanks for your words.

  2. A good distinction, Kurt. Here`s to assertiveness!

    This post still has me thinking. One of the great blessings of social media is the democratization of voices. Whatever we want to call it, (preaching, testifying, witnessing, etc.) women and men now have wonderful opportunities to share their views, their faith, their spirituality, their questions and concerns. I really believe it`s what the new evangelization is all about.

    Thanks for joining the dialogue! 🙂

    1. Thank goodness for husbands who encourage and nudge us, Cathy! I just read your post and was touched by its heartfelt sincerity. It is good to be reminded of the person behind the head-lines.

      To all, Cathy wrote a personal `note` to Bishop Gabino Zavala who recently resigned from the Los Angeles diocese. I`ve read several voices online who personally knew and admired the Bishop, and share her sadness and confusion over this story.

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