and yet another thought on silence…

Attention should be paid to the various types of websites, applications and social networks which can help people today to find time for reflection and authentic questioning, as well as making space for silence and occasions for prayer, meditation or sharing of the word of God. In concise phrases, often no longer than a verse from the Bible, profound thoughts can be communicated, as long as those taking part in the conversation do not neglect to cultivate their own inner lives….

 BENEDICT XVI Silence and Word: Path of Evangelization

I still can’t get the knack of Twitter. I have an account, @catholicdiaolog. I basically use it to alert others to a new blog post. It’s been interesting to see the list of followers increase – many I’m sure just want me to reciprocate the favor. And, I usually do. It’s been a way to link up to other religious news and views sites. But, I really don’t think anyone is interested in every thought that comes out of my brain. Or, what I am eating at the moment. Or what TV show I’m watching…

On the other hand, I’m fascinated with a social media that intentionally puts a word limit on your thoughts. Few words, well chosen, can have more power than a rambling rant.

Several years ago, during a creative writing class, I fell in love with the process of poetry writing. I struggled with writing because I felt the need to record every thought. Letter writing was especially brutal. I waited too long to respond to a letter, Then, I felt burdened by all the news I needed to catch up on.

But poetry! Ah…it was a blessed relief. I relished finding the right word or phrase that nudges you to an inner depth and layers of meaning. Poetry, for me, was practicing silence in the writing. I fell in love with words…With the way they looked on the page. With the way they sounded. With the images they reflected.

Reading and pondering a few words is at the heart of Lectio Divina. My Benedictine friend, Sr. Grace, modelled for me how to mine the voice of God in a simple Psalm image. Meanwhile, I was getting bogged down in a confusing gospel passage or theological conundrums.

Grace taught me that God really does speak in gentle whispers and few words. What if God had a Twitter account?! 😉

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