International Women’ Day – women in the church

I was hoping to write a special post for International Women’s Day yesterday, but this woman ran out of steam. Ideas were filling my brain, but there was no energy to write them down. Happily, the Prairie Messenger published my latest column online today.  Here it is,

‘Mad men’ in the church long for return to the past

Here is the article from the B.C. Catholic that gave me the inspiration for this column,

Men’s night challenges attendees to ‘man-up’ for Christ.

I thought it was a good topic to reflect on, and am thankful for the Prairie Messenger’s  ongoing commitment to promote a healthy dialogue in our church.

What are your thoughts on gender-stereotyping in our church and society? Do you think there is a ‘crisis’ in male leadership?

2 thoughts on “International Women’ Day – women in the church

  1. Isabella,

    I am wondering if you were at the ‘Man to Man’ event with Archbishop Miller? Using one quote taken out of the context of the whole speech to tie the Archbishop in with the Mad Men on TV certainly doesn’t seem just or fair.

    I didn’t go to the event, but my husband did and from what he told me it was a call to arms for LAY men to get involved in parish life and to really encounter Christ, I don’t believe that it had anything to do with ordination or life in the rectory.

    The Archbishop’s reference to traditional gender roles may be simplifying things overly but I am sure he didn’t mean it as a slight to women and certainly not as an attempt to get the ladies to clean up after him! We were made male and female for a reason and it is in our balanced relationship with each other that we image God, while we may not often get the ‘balance’ right, we should still be trying, with God’s grace to achieve balance.

    We in the archdiocese of Vancouver are truly blessed to have a thoughtful and fair main like Archbishop Miller as our shepherd, please give him the benefit of the doubt.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks so much for your response. As I wrote the article, I hoped that it wouldn’t be seen as a personal slam against Archbishop Miller. This was certainly not the intent. No, I was not present at the Man to Man dinner. I was responding to the second hand words in the B.C. Catholic. I read and re-read that article several times to ensure that I was not misinterpreting the message it gave. But the message about too much feminization in the church was clearly stated in the article and the quotations used. It was this message, not the person of the Archbishop, that I used as the spring-board for the dialogue on the role of men and women in church and society.

    I totally agree about the need to find a balance. I tried to address this need in a follow up column. Here is the second part to the dialogue that was just published in the Prairie Messenger…

    Thank you, again, for this opportunity to respond to your concerns.

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