politically correct hot-cross buns!

Here’s one for the political-correctness-gone-mad file! On a trip to the grocery store today, I was thrilled to see a stand of hot-cross buns at the front door. Wahoo! A Lenten favorite! (For me, not the rest of my clan.) On closer inspection, I saw that the sign read  ‘6 Spice Buns’. Huh? And, they came in two varieties – with a cross, and plain. Sigh…

Guess we’ll have to change the words to the song now….one a penny, two a penny, 6 spice buns!

Watch out, Easter Bunny. Your days may be numbered, too! 😉

2 thoughts on “politically correct hot-cross buns!

  1. I say keep the Cross on all the buns, and if a baker is worried about what customers think then… on the part of the label that offers warnings like ‘may contain nuts’, simply add ‘Caution! Embracing the cross leads to a better life!’ At least the politically-over-correct grocer need not fear any liabilty should anyone convert as a result consuming one of these delicious, traditional treats.

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