another susan boyle moment!


Our world too often celebrates beauty with no talent. Think of the many faces that grace magazine covers at your grocery check-out counter. Now, do you remember that magical moment when Susan Boyle left Simon Cowell gob-smacked? The world cheered as the arrogant talent judge and star maker had his preconceived notions shattered….shattered as soon as Susan opened her mouth.

Britain’s Got Talent 2012 has just had what was quickly dubbed ‘another Susan Boyle’ moment. Jonathan Antoine is merely 17 years old, and his singing partner Charlotte is only 16. Click on the YouTube link….and prepare to be verklempt! Go Charlotte and Jonathan!!!

3 thoughts on “another susan boyle moment!

  1. I’m enjoying sharing this clip with family and friends. It really is ‘goose-bumpy’ on two levels for me. First, the fact that this glorious voice bursts forth from a young man after he was so obviously misjudged. And secondly, the beautiful example of unconditional and true friendship between Jonathan and Charlotte. A great moment….with hopes for many more great moments to come for them both.

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