good friday and easter reflection

As we journey through the Triduum, we are immersed in the two most basic of human experiences; intense suffering, and great joy. This is from my recent column in the Prairie Messenger, reflecting on Good Friday and Easter,

Embracing the fullness of the Paschal Mystery is one of the greatest challenges of our Christian faith. It demands that we plant one foot firmly at the foot of the cross in the darkness of agony and death, and the other in the glorious presence of the risen Lord. We are called into that unfathomable paradox of dying and rising, trusting that seeds buried and grapes crushed will become bread and wine of new life. read more

Thank you to all the kind souls who visit this blog; with a special shout out to those who have enriched the dialogue with comments and responses. A Happy and Blessed Easter to all!



3 thoughts on “good friday and easter reflection

  1. The symbol of dying and rising: the Cross.
    The worst day in the history of the earth, the Church calls: “Good Friday”. Good Friday changed everything! Because of our place in time and history we know about Good Friday but unlike the first Christians we know that there is Easter. Death has lost its’ hold on us. Our worst problem as humans, who are both creature and spirit, was forever removed. Death on Calvary did not have the last word.

    We now believe that when we die is when we really begin to live; and, the cross one of the worst instruments of torture and execution of all times is now our victory sign. We wear the cross around our necks; it is on the top of buildings, in ever room in some houses. As Catholics we make this sign over our bodies. We make this sign on the foreheads of our children, and family as they leave our houses.

    This is the radical transformation of a symbol of torture and death, into a symbol of love, hope, victory and transformation. How radical this is! Imagine if we were to wear a little electric chair around our neck, or to hang one on the walls in our homes, how terribly inappropriate that would be. Unlike the cross, electric chairs, also instruments or torture and death, are not about transformation, love, and victory.

    The cross is our great victory symbol; death is now about new and abundant life. Thanks be to God for the cross, this is really Good Friday!

  2. I was able to do the edit for you, Ray. Thank you for this wonderful reflection….and for all that you share with us. A blessed Easter to you, my friend!

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