when prayers aren’t answered – a guest post

Emily Rose Kirchner, a mother of twins and a freelance writer for Discount Catholic Products, wrote and asked if I am open to guest posts. Of course I am! The more voices, the better the dialogue. Here is Emily’s article, “When Prayers aren’t Answered”.

When Prayers aren’t Answered

Everyone has prayers that don’t seem to be answered—the interview for the Perfect Job doesn’t turn out so great, the spot in the swim team goes to someone else, a loved one’s flight home gets cancelled. We all go through disappointments. What’s more important, however, is how we deal with these situations. Here are a few things we should remember when our prayers go unanswered:

God Always Has a Plan

For you and everyone else, God has a plan. You just have to realize that when He doesn’t give you one thing, He has something else in mind. He may not have sent you this opportunity, but that only means He’s holding another door open for you. What comes next might even be better than you expect.

Tomorrow is a New Day

Jesus Christ said in Matthew 6:34, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Don’t worry about the prayers that haven’t been answered today; as long as we live and breathe, we have a chance to turn things around. While you may be disappointed today, tomorrow affords us the chance to pick ourselves up and shake off the dust from our stumbles.

We Can’t Live by Prayer Alone

Ask yourself if your prayer was backed up by action—things don’t just fall into our laps by asking God for them. If God didn’t grant your wishes through prayer, He may be motivating you to work harder to get it. God wants us to learn how to ask for the strength to go through life. He always wants the best for us, and that also means that He sometimes steps away so that we can learn achieve greatness of our own accord.

Problems can’t be solved by breaking down and ordering God to take them away. Ask for the will and knowledge to get through something, and pray for the strength to make it through. Everything else should come from you.

Others Need It More

Unanswered prayers can be challenges to look at how others are struggling as well. God might have taken away one of your opportunities because there are others who need it more than you. God insists we live under as one under His love, and to realize that is to accept that others need His grace, too.

God Knows You Can Get through It

When you’re at our wit’s end and have turned to prayer to ease your sadness, you still may not be granted the solace you need. In these times, we have to remember Job, the prosperous man who endured great trials and tribulations from God. Through these hardships, we learn things about ourselves that we wouldn’t have normally discovered. We develop new capabilities and outlooks towards life. God gives us challenges He knows we can face, and knows us well enough to let us be strong on our own.

The next time your prayers aren’t answered, remember these five things and realize God’s love for you and its endless possibilities. Keep your chin up, and hope and pray for the understanding that you already have so much and will be accomplishing more in God’s presence.

Emily Kirchner is a freelance writer for Discount Catholic Products, an online retailer of Bibles, prayer cards, First communion gifts, and many more. She’s had her share of unanswered prayers, but she takes comfort at the thought that God has better plans for her.

3 thoughts on “when prayers aren’t answered – a guest post

  1. Wonderful post! Very helpful. My wife is a prayer warrior and she has taught me so much about the value of having a good habit of daily prayer. She’ll appreciate Emily’s thoughts. I spend a lot of time asking God to bless what I am doing. What I need to do more is get working on what God wants me to do because that will already be blessed! Always hopeful and grateful in a good and gracious God, Dan

  2. Wonderful post, Emily!. A NEW name for it could be ALL PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED…This, I truly believe.
    Thank you Isabella for being open to Emily’s request…Chris

    1. I’m so glad that you enjoyed Emily’s inspiring post!

      It makes me think that catholic dialogue needs more guest posts. How about it, Chris? You, too, Dan! 🙂

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