a new season of motor-bike meditations

Hubby got a new motor-bike this spring, one more suited for the comfort of his riding partner. Its arrival was postponed by a week of bad weather. Finally, he was able to bring it home; only to have it sit in the garage for another week of rain and cold.

On Sunday, the weather gods smiled on us and we headed out to visit our daughter. The drive was about an hour and a half each way. I was plugged in to my tunes, and resting comfortably. The time flew by as pleasantly as the spring scenery. The green is yet to come, but the fields are dry and ready for seeding; a sharp contrast to last spring’s floods on the prairies.

I had spent the previous week pouring over news stories of the doctrinal assessment of the LCRW. Emails were flying back and forth from sad and angry friends. Facebook and Twitter were a buzz. I wrote a blog post for catholic dialogue, one for NCR Today, and one for the Prairie Messenger. I was wondering if there was anything left to say. My brain hurt. And yet, cyber-space kept buzzing and news stories kept coming.

Sitting on the back of the bike with my hubby, knowing the joy he was experiencing driving our new machine, was just the medicine I needed. It was him and me, and God’s glorious creation zipping by. My mind had a chance to relax. Okay, maybe a wee bit of mental writing was going on. But, that’s how I usually get my inspirations; during prayer. There are many ways to pray, and motor-bike meditations are one of them. 😉

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5 thoughts on “a new season of motor-bike meditations

  1. What beautiful, multi-leveled gifts God is giving to you & your husband on motor-bike rides! What incredible freedom! I am sure the angels are delighting in you as you fly across the scenery with open minds, open hearts, and soaring spirits. 🙂

  2. The image of you and David flying along in the wind brought a big smile. And you worry about Gracie?????

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