a rainbow church

Here is my latest article for the catholic dialogue column in the Prairie Messenger, called a rainbow church. It’s dedicated to all my LGBT friends, and the families and friends who love them for who they are.

Some recent comments on this blog have me thinking even more about the hurt that mean and vile judgment can inflict on another. Personally, I don’t have a very thick skin and get hurt easily by verbal attacks. But these comments come from strangers out in cyber-space. And, quite frankly, from their tone I probably wouldn’t be seeking their friendship anyway.

But what if the rejection is coming from those you respect and love? What is it like for women and men who live daily in fear of prejudice, bigotry and bullying? What is it like to have to deny your true self, to keep it hidden from a society or church that does not accept you the way you are?

To all my friends who have shown me that this is not how it has to be….thank you!

May we evolve from a community that is too often perceived in black-and-white doctrinal terms to a community reflected in the multicoloured hues of a rainbow, melding into one glorious sign to the world of God’s great love for us all.