celebrating the joy of religious life

It’s far too easy to become overwhelmed with negativity in both our church and in the world. Each day, headlines scream at us with yet another issue or event that not only disturbs our often tenuous peace, but threatens to send us into yet another tail-spin of anger or despair.

Thank God we are gifted moments of joy along the way. Moments to remind us that light will always dispel darkness, if we but let it in. And thank God for  wonderful people who gather us into celebrations of joyful prayer, song, and gut-jiggling laughter. These moments are truly a touch of heaven, a promise of glories to come.

David and I had such a moment this past weekend in Dayton, OH. We attended the First Vows ceremony of four Marianist brothers. Here is a short article that I wrote for the NCR Today blog.

I’ll take a joy-filled community filled with laughter over a dour, solemn and gloomy bunch any day! 🙂

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