labour day reflections – from babies to adults in the work world

Mothers (and fathers) know why birthing a child into the world is called labour. It’s hard work. But, it’s only the introduction to the intense, 24/7 years of parenting ahead of them. By the time the children are grown the sleepless nights, loads of laundry, endless meals, clean-ups, school lunches, sibling mediations, and broken curfews are forgotten (almost!).

Our children are all adults now. Some are settled into careers and family life. Others are still finding their way in the work world. In their diversity and uniqueness, our five children are proving that paths taken can be just as diverse and unique. Here is what I have learned from their experiences.

  1. An after-school and/or summer job for young adults builds character and teaches financial responsibility and time management.
  2. Even the toughest, menial labour can be manageable with friendly co-workers and decent bosses.
  3. Respect and learn from those who do their job well and make other’s lives better for it.
  4. Weekends don’t exist for many working people, especially young folks.
  5. Holidays and family feasts with all seats filled around the table are rare due to shift-work or extended store hours.
  6. Sometimes the road to a career can take many twists and turns before the destination is reached.
  7. Do not ask a new high school grad what their life plans are. They usually don’t know and are feeling pressured enough already.
  8. Not everyone is ready for university or college straight after high school. Take a breath, and respect the desire to find their own way on their own time.
  9. Teach your children their employee rights. Too many employers take advantage of minimum wage workers, cutting corners with labour laws.
  10.  If your child discovers their passion and is able to pursue it as a career, get down on your hands and knees and thank the good and gracious God above!

I hope that you can find some time this weekend to rest from work and worries and have fun with family and friends. Hubby and I plan to. 🙂

Happy Labour Day to all!

2 thoughts on “labour day reflections – from babies to adults in the work world

  1. This is a wonderful article! Your learnings echo my sentiments exactly! I plan to share this piece with my own adult children and grandchildren. When they are in the middle of all the messiness, it is hard for them to have this “balcony view.” Thanks for helping me give them some perspective!

  2. Hi Marceta! In the middle of the messiness describes the years of early adulthood so well! It’s so hard for us all to let go of expectations and pre-conceptions of what the future should look like. I love the image of the God of surprises! Please pass on my greetings to your clan. They have a wonderful mother and grand-mother! 🙂

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