9/11 reflection and prayer re-visited

The busyness of life kept me away from this blog since last week. When I opened it up just now, the site stats showed that many visitors have stopped by to read the 9/11 prayer and reflection written by my friend Chris Suriano last year. The picture that accompanied the post was painted by my Mama, Irena Sliwinski. I am re-posting both below. May the sad memories of this day, eleven years ago, inspire us all to pray and work mightily for peace in our world.

9/11 by Irena Sliwinski
Indeed, the grace of our Lord has been abundant… 1 TM 1:13

As we prepare to memorialize the 10th anniversary of 9/11, this line rings in my heart.  I’ve been watching on TV and reading in the newspapers, testimonies of the victims families…pictures of memorials from all over the world and the power of thousands of “pay it forwards.”  Those who said YES to the grace offered by the Divine have smiles on their faces, joy in their hearts and a very deep understanding of self.  They do not ask for pity.  When memories fill their beings and tears flood their eyes, they only want us to BE there with them.

All of the victims left a legacy…so many have been abundantly nourished by each one, especially the many children who were born, never knowing their fathers, but have expressed the feelings of knowing each of those life-giving men, sensing their presence every day.

Divine One, thank you for blessing the lives of the many who were left behind.
In gratitude for the grace one finds in knowing the mortality of body does not reflect
the absence of spirit.

Walk with those who will be journeying this weekend to the places of loss…our Capitol, our farm in rural
Pennsylvania and our City of New York…each one of these reflects who we are as a country of diversity.

Protect us from further harm.  Give courage and strength to those who are strategically placed to guard
us from further destruction.

You are like the sea…constant…
You are like the mountain…magnificent…
You are the Father, You are the Son…
the manifestation of the Spirit…
and may we never forget, in YOU (GOD) we trust…AMEN!