a canadian thanksgiving

riding through Riding Mountain National Park with hubby


It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. Ours is a low key celebration compared to the American Thanksgiving. But, then again, we Canadians tend to do a lot of things more low key.

Since I began this blogging adventure, I’ve spent even more hours each day scouring the daily news for writing ideas. As I become more attuned to what is happening in other countries, I become more and more thankful to be living here in Canada. Here are just a few things on my Canadian Thanksgiving list…

Universal health-care.

No, it’s not perfect. But it strives to guarantee equal access to all.

Social Programs

We believe in government programs that lend a helping hand to those in need. Again, our programs are far from perfect. But, they do provide a safety net for many.


Flying on Air Canada? Expect bilingual announcements. Flying to Rome? Expect to hear lilting Italian announcements after the English and French ones. International flights try to include at least one crew members who speaks the destination language.


We are proud of our peace-keeping history, though the recent war in Afghanistan has challenged us all to re-think this role on the international stage.

Religious Freedom

We believe in freedom for all religions, but not that any one belief system can dictate national policy. Canadian bishops play an active and public role in parliamentary debates on moral issues, without bullying politicians or those in the pews.

Modest Nationalism

We proudly raise high the maple leaf, without claiming superiority to other countries.

Sins of the Past

We admit to sins of the past, and work to make amends. From war time interments of citizens of Japanese heritage, to first nations injustices, to residential schools…with guilt comes the need for restorative justice.

Electoral Process

Our elections are measured in weeks, not months and years. Governments are chosen after six or eight weeks of campaigning, allowing politicians to spend more time on governing than on electioneering. Strict laws regulating funding of candidates level the playing field and keep election costs reasonable.

Gob Smacking Beauty

Canada is a country of jaw dropping, natural beauty. Sure, winter temperatures on the prairies can drop to 40 or 50 degrees below zero Celsius. But, it’s a dry cold! Our summers are short, but glorious. And autumn splendours give us all the more reasons for a heart filled with Canadian Thanksgiving!

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  1. In gratefulness for your brief and concise explanation of what your country means to you…yes, so many positive and reflective statements. Beautiful pics and time with hubby…YES, again!


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